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dimanche 17 mars 2013

Once upon a time the Call Me Apollon Project

Day 1 : I receive a DM from  @Jalila, a few days later I receive my T-shirt @ home ... and form there the will to initate what I'll call the #CallMeApollonProject .

Here are 2 dedicated hashtags for the project:  #LesPetitesHistoires (which stands for 'the small stories' & #CallMeApollonProject 

The idea is to take a shot of yourself wearing the T-shirt and to post your picture to  instagram with the hashtags - and then to email it to me ( ) so I can add it to the Pinterest board dedicated for it. 

The first contribution is below !!

No limit, this t-shirt will travel - yes this very T-shirt ! Who will be the second ? I ll ask my friends and on FB & Twitter.

You who receive the T-Shirt, you should not keep it more than 1 week, then send it again and inform us through the FB page or by email.

Oh and I almost forgot : geotag your photo (or at least send me your town & country). See me coming ?? Yeah, the result will be a nice world map with as many dots as photos received - the way tweetping does it !!

Some insights about the T-shirt :
@LaRedouteFR unveils its new identity (concept from Kids Love Jetlag @FredFaridGroup) with a new TV campaign starting on march the 15th during the show « Les Enfoirés »

Time for brand "La Redoute" to release its new tagline « On a tous une raison d’aimer La Redoute » ("We all have a good reason to love La Redoute").

This campgin is based on three 20sec videos showing mode & decoration through stories told by the products.
Each one is a way to express the Brand concept by highlighting the products.

They also started an exclusive contest on
Vine  with a partnership with the @dailyELLE. Everybody can upload his own video with hashtag #lespetiteshistoires.
A jury composed of editors from Elle & designers from La Redoute will select the winners.

You can see the TV commercials below :



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